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Gathering cap raised to 6, while business curfews remain
Updated: 2022-01-17 17:08:37 KST
Starting from Monday, gatherings of up to 6 people are allowed nationwide.
This change provides a little more breathing room compared to the four-person-limit that South Korea has seen for the past four weeks.
But other rules will remain mostly intact, including business curfews.
Restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms, and public baths must close by 9 PM, while private academies, PC rooms, and kids cafes can stay open until 10 at night.
The measures will stay put at least until the end of Seollal, the Lunar New Year holiday.
Health authorities are treading lightly with these prevention measures due to the threat posed by Omicron.

"Omicron is very infectious, so people need to be especially careful when entering crowded places. Omicron takes up 94.7 percent of the imported cases, showing how fast Omicron is spreading across the world."

According to health authorities on Monday morning, Omicron cases made up almost 27 percent of the sampled domestic infections, more than double the week before.

"According to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency's analytical model, Omicron is expected to be the dominant strain around this weekend."

As for the treatment front, health authorities have started administering Pfizer's oral treatment, Paxlovid, to 39 people from Friday to Sunday.
No one has reported any side effects over the weekend.
Health authorities also said last Saturday that most of those patients' conditions seemed to be improving.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News
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