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Robots in agriculture sector provide helping hand to farmers
Updated: 2021-11-09 08:21:06 KST
A robot shaped like a box enters a farm with two hundred or so cows.
The robot moves by itself feeding the cows by meticulously calculating how much feed goes in front of each cow, and when and how many times the cows need to be fed.

"It's topped with a highly sensitive electronic scale and can supply set amounts of feed in precise ways."

About 2,400 kilos of feed need to be given to these cows every day.
For a person this may be near impossible but one robot can get the job done.

"With the robot I just need to fill it up with feed for an hour every four to five days and the system does the rest."

This robot can help milk cows.
Once a cow comes within the robot's range, the robot milks it, washes it and even disinfects the area.
This duck farm has a robot that evenly spreads litter on the floor, which is said to be the most laborious part of raising ducks.
With automation, it's easier and more convenient for the farmer as they don't need to worry about the dust or excrement that gets kicked up.

"Recently the agriculture sector has been challenged with an aging population. With robots and automation equipment we hope to reduce the time and energy taken into managing livestock."

These various robots in the agriculture sector are expected to continue to boost the shorthanded industry in the years to come.
Kim Cheong-ah, Arirang News.
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