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Video: Journey of rocket Nuri
Updated: 2021-10-27 17:05:50 KST

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute on Wednesday released a video which shows the journey of "Nuri," South Korea's first homegrown space vehicle that was launched on October 21st.

This is when Nuri powerfully blasted off the umbilical cable used to fuel the space vehicle is disconnected.

The cameras attached to the space rocket show the stage one separation.
The very bottom part of the rocket falls down, and the upper parts keep on going.

This step is called the "fairing separation."
The fairing falls to the ground you can only see one of the two pieces, but it's because of where the camera is located.
Both parts separated successfully .

Then it's stage two separation.

And finally the satellite separation.

Due to the early end of the third engine the satellite could not reach its intended destination of going into orbit.
Even though it successfully traveled 700 kilometers above Earth.
A KARI official said that they'll be analyzing the data up until next week.
Afterwards they'll put together a special committee with the science ministry to figure out the problem.
This will take up to two months before an announcement is made to the public.
The second trial of Nuri is scheduled doe May next year.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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