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Unseasonably cold weather rain tomorrow
Updated: 2021-10-18 17:07:01 KST
Minimum temperatures hovered around 4 degrees Celsius across the Seoul metropolitan area, while some regions experienced subzero figures. Under such unseasonably cold weather, the first frost of the season was observed in Seoul today. This happened about 6 days earlier compared to last year, and 10 days faster than the annual average.

Meanwhile, light showers are coming and going for northern central regions tonight. Showers will spread nationwide overnight. The Seoul metropolitan area, Gangwon-do, Chungcheongnam-do and Jeollabuk-do provinces can expect with 5 to 20 millimeters. Rain may turn into snow for mountainous regions of Gangwon-do Province.

Tomorrow morning will about 3 to 6 degrees warmer than today, but still colder than the seasonal norms. Seoul will start off 10 degrees Celsius.

Daytime highs in Seoul will reach 14 degrees. Busan 20. Chuncheon, Daejeon and Gwangju 16 degrees.

After the rain, morning lows will fall back to single figures. Clear skies will hold for the rest of the week, but there are wide temperature gaps so dress warmly, and be careful not to catch a cold.

That's all for now, and here are the weather conditions around the world.
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