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S. Korea experiences unusually cold mid-October as Seoul sees first frost
Updated: 2021-10-19 05:00:06 KST

It's only mid-autumn, but an unusual cold snap has people bundled up like it's winter time.

"Seoul's temperature was at around 15 degrees Celsius during the day. This is around 5 degrees lower than what we would normally see in mid-October.

Seoul on Monday saw its first frost of the season, which was six days earlier than last year.
And that was just a day after the first ice formed.
Sunday was the coldest day for mid-October in 64 years, with a morning low of zero degrees Celsius.

"I would've usually just worn short sleeves, but I'm wearing these thick clothes because of how cold it's gotten in the past two or three days."

"The temperature's suddenly plunged since yesterday. It's so cold I'm wearing four layers."

An expert says the sudden chill is mainly because of shifting warm and cold air masses in the wider region.

"It was a little warmer than usual last week in South Korea because of the subtropical high. But it suddenly contracted, which let cold air pour in from the northwest."

Rain is expected nationwide Monday night through Tuesday.
The temperature is expected to rise after the rain, but forecasters say the cold snap will return on Wednesday and continue through the week.
Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.
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