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Crude oil prices rise to highest since mid-July due to supply concerns
Updated: 2021-09-24 12:04:05 KST
Supply issues are forecast to push oil prices even higher this winter.
Right now, they're at the highest point since July, which was the peak since the start of the pandemic.
Demand for fuel is recovering, but U.S. inventories are drawing down because of the aftermath of two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.
U.S. crude stocks last week fell to their lowest since October 2018.
This afternoon, Brent crude was at about 76-and-a-half U.S. dollars.
Goldman Sachs is forecasting that to rise to 80 dollars this winter, and according to Bloomberg, Goldman sees 90 dollars as possible if this winter is colder than usual.
West Texas Intermediate is at about 73-dollars and 30 cents.
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