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Social distancing measures back to regular system with Chuseok holiday over
Updated: 2021-09-24 10:46:08 KST
As you said, a certain post-Chuseok surge was forecast but it's appearing faster than anyone anticipated.
Now, anti-virus measures were eased during the holiday so people could visit their families in a more comfortable fashion.
But, with everyone now back at work, have those relaxed measures lapsed?

They have, Mark with the holidays over the temporarily eased measures have also come to an end.
That means starting Friday in areas under social distancing level four, the largest size of private gatherings allowed will be reduced from eight people to six people.
Of those six, at least two must be fully vaccinated, or four fully vaccinated if they meet after 6PM.
Visits to nursing care centers will be allowed until this Sunday with contact visits limited to those fully vaccinated.
The current measures are set to continue until October 3rd and the authorities will be discussing next week about the measures needed from October 4th onward.
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