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Big gaps between lows and highs, rain for east coast
Updated: 2021-09-24 06:06:03 KST
Good morning. Dress accordingly on your way out, it's another breezy start to the day, but highs will jump more than 10 degrees by the afternoon - rising higher than yesterday under a good amount of sunshine.

Those of you driving in inland regions this morning need to careful because of fog, but this should burn off as the sun heats up. Early temperatures are similar to slightly higher than the same time yesterday, but in Daegwallyeong in Gangwon-do Province is seeing a low of just 8 degrees Celsius.

We'll see rain for east coast regions and the nearby city of Gyeongju, which could linger into tomorrow, highs in most regions will be in the mid-twenties.

The east coast and Jeju could see light rain tomorrow for the first half of the day, sunnier conditions nationwide on Sunday.

That's Korea for you and here's a look at weather conditions around the world.
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