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S. Korea reports 1,910 cases on Sun.; highest yet for a weekend
Updated: 2021-09-19 09:19:29 KST
We start with the coronavirus situation in South Korea.
Today, the country reported 1,910 new cases.
That's a decline from yesterday, but it's the highest figure yet reported on a weekend.
Normally, case numbers come down on weekends because fewer tests are done.
This is a concern because millions of people are travelling for the Chuseok holiday, many from the capital area to other regions, potentially bringing the virus with them.
Free tests are available at highway rest areas during the holiday period.
As for the vaccine campaign, over 40 percent of the population have now been fully vaccinated, so the government is going to let people get leftover doses for their second shot, enabling them to get them sooner than the original six-week interval.
On Friday alone 230-thousand people got their second shots earlier than scheduled.
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