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Typhoon Chanthu brings rough conditions over south coast
Updated: 2021-09-17 08:08:35 KST
Good morning. Typhoon Chanthu is passing waters off Jeju's Seogwipo City this morning and will move in a northeasterly direction and it's forecast to pass through the Strait of Korea this afternoon. Conditions in Jeollanam-do are easing, while Gyeongsangnam-do Province are preparing for rougher conditions. Busan will feel the strongest impact from around 4pm.

Rain will continue to lash down on Jeju and regions along the eastern south coast, at a rate of 50 millimeters an hour.

A typhoon warning remains in place for all of Jeju and for waters off the island. A typhoon advisory is in place along the south coast, including Busan. Typhoon alerts will be expanded to the East Sea and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province.

The further south you are, the more severe conditions you will be dealing with violent winds but conditions will improve as the night rolls in.

Typhoon affected regions will notice much lower highs, but upper regions will have a calm and sunny day.

That's Korea for you and here's a look at weather conditions around the world.
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