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Expert analysis on N. Korea's ballistic missile launch
Updated: 2021-09-15 17:39:47 KST
For our indepth tonight, we turn to our go-to expert for more analysis on the diplomatic and security situation on the Korean Peninsula with Dr. Go Myong-hun in the studio.

North Korea test-fired two ballistic missiles this afternoon, just days after testing long-range cruise missiles.
What's the background behind today's missile test, why now and what message is the regime trying to send to the U.S?

Another missile test took place today this time from South Korea.
It revealed it successfully conducted its submarine-launched ballistic missile tests this afternoon.
It's unusual for Seoul to publicly disclose high-profile weapons tests which could provoke North Korea.
Why do you think the government revealed the recent SLBM launch?

The latest North Korea provocation came amid high-level diplomatic talks between South Korea and China.
It's unusual for North Korea to make provocative launches when China, its last major ally and biggest aid provider, is engaged in a major diplomatic event.
What's the story behind the timing of the recent missile launch?

Regarding the U.S.-led intel-sharing "Five Eyes" program Chinese FM Wang Yi criticized moves to expand it to include other democratic countries like South Korea.
What do you think of his reference to the program as being a "byproduct of the Cold War?"

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also met with President Moon Jae-in and other senior officials today to discuss the stalled nuclear negotiations with the North.
What were some key achievements from this meeting?

Alright. Dr. Go thanks for sharing your insights tonight. We appreciate it.
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