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Why Korean Classical Musicians Excel in Competitions: Analysis
Updated: 2021-09-13 17:22:01 KST
Korean pianists Park Jae-hong and Kim Do-hyun won first and second places respectively at the Busoni International Piano Competition earlier this month.
This is the second time a Korean winner has come out of the competition since Moon Ji-young in 2015. The competition is known to exempt first prizes if they believe the contestants don't meet their expectations.
But, apparently, it's not surprising to see Korean classical musicians sweeping the global competition scene.
Remember Cho Seong-jin at the International Chopin Piano Competition in 2015?
So why do Koreans excel in global music competitions?
It's the topic of our News In-depth is film director Thierry Loreau who examined the success of Korean classical musicians in his documentary "K-Classics Generation."
Thierry, welcome to the show.

Over the past decade we've seen phenomenal achievements by South Korean musicians overseas. You follow the successes of Korean musicians at international competitions in you documentary screened at this year's DMZ International Documentary Film Festival. So tell us, why is it that Koreans do so well in music competitions?

What got you interested in this topic and in documenting Korean classical musicians?

Apparently, in 20 years, 700 Koreans have made the finals with 110 of them claiming the first prize. How were they able to arrive at such excellence so quickly, considering there were very few Koreans in the finals or winning first prizes even a decade ago?

What does the term "K-classics" mean and do you think it can become as popular as K-pop?

Why do you think classical music is much popular here in Korea among younger people than in Europe?
As seen in the film, why do many Korean musicians settle in Germany? What's the merit?

What impressed you or disappointed you the most while following the stories of Korean classical musicians?

Thierry Loreau, best of luck to your future endeavors and thanks for sharing your story with us on News In-depth.
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