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N. Korea test fires new version of long range cruise missiles
Updated: 2021-09-13 06:19:32 KST
We start with some breaking news this morning,
North Korea reportedly test fired a new version of its long-range cruise missile over the weekend.
The latest provocation comes around six months since it last fired a missile in March. For more, we have our Eum Ji-young on the line.
Ji-young tell us more about the test launch.

Mokyeon, North Korea has test launched a new type of long-range cruise missile and they managed to hit a target 1,5-hundred kilometers away.
This is according to the state's Korean Central News Agency Monday, who reported that after two years of developement they successfully test-fired missiles on Saturday and Sunday.
The news agency went on to say that the test-launched missiles stayed in the sky following a figure of 8 flight track for 7,5-hundred-80 seconds before hitting a target mark 1,5-hundred kilometers away .
It also said that for the past two years, the regime has been pushing for the development of a long-range cruise missile deemed as a critical strategic weapon with a reliable and scientific weapon's development process.
It added that tests including those on missile parts, engine ground thrust, control and guidance and warhead power, as well as various flight tests were all successful.
The regime's leader Kim Jong Un, did not attend the launch.
The agency said the tests were regarded as an important strategic project that can ensure the state's security and suppress the threat of military hostility.
This followed North Korea's night-time military parade in the capital on Thursday celebrating the regime's 73rd anniversary.
At the parade, various conventional weapons were on display including anti-tank missiles and multiple rocket launchers.
That's all I have for now. Back to you Mokyeon.
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