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Two wildfires in Southern California force thousands to evacuate
Updated: 2020-10-28 10:08:11 KST

Two massive wildfires in Southern California have grown at a fast pace in Orange County since Monday, forcing some 80-thousand people to leave their homes.
Under Tuesday's new evacuation orders, officials announced the city of Irvine was no longer under threat.

The Silverado fire, the first of the two, broke out on Monday near Irvine, initially causing more than 70,000 people to flee their homes.
According to the Orange County Fire Authority, the fire covered more than 50 square kilometers, and only 5-percent of the fire has been contained.

Meanwhile, the Blue Ridge fire, the second blaze which broke out later in the day, has damaged 10 homes, with zero-percent of the fire contained.
The fire forced some 20,000 residents to evacuate.

A spokesman from a primary electricity supply company, Southern California Edison, told CNN that a broken wire from a telecommunications line may possibly be the underlying cause of the Silverado fire.
According to PowerOutage.US, almost 130,000 customers were without electricity as of Tuesday afternoon,… with dry and windy conditions prompting more precautionary measures.

Of the 1,800 firefighters who are battling against the flames, two were critically injured on Monday.
Wildfires have devastated California this year,… as according to the California Department of Forestry and fire protection, more than 8,000 fire incidents have been reported, taking 31 lives.

Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.
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