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Wedding buffets to be classified as 'COVID-19 high-risk facilities'
Updated: 2020-08-12 14:53:36 KST
The South Korean government has made some changes to the COVID-19 prevention guidelines as we approach the fall, when more people will be getting married.
Starting from next Wednesday, buffet restaurants at wedding venues will be classified as COVID-19 high-risk facilities.
This means guests should follow virus prevention guidelines like registering in the visitors' log, either on paper or by scanning the venue's QR code with their phones.
They also have to use plastic gloves when serving themselves at the buffet.
The government has also advised funeral homes to use the QR code system and to use thermal imaging cameras to take people's temperatures as they come in.
South Korea on Wednesday reported 54 new cases of COVID-19, most of them local.
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