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Seoul continues to see traffic congestion due to heavy rainfall
Updated: 2020-08-11 10:03:56 KST
As we continue to see this unusually prolonged period of wet weather in South Korea, major expressways were bumper to bumper this morning due to the heavy rainfall.
Our Choi Won-jong has been at the Han River Flood Control Office in Seoul for the past several hours monitoring the situation.
Another day, another morning of rain-triggered traffic chaos in Seoul.

Good afternoon, Mark. We've been witness to a very hectic morning here at the Han River Flood Control Office, as Seoul has been seeing heavy rainfall yet again.
However, looking outside the window here, we only see light showers right now.
As you pointed out, there was some major traffic congestion earlier in the day, but this has eased as you would expect since most people are at work now.
That said, some major expressways are still partially closed.
Due to the heavy rain earlier, as of 10:30 AM, Korea time, the water level of the Han River is now above eight meters.
That's the highest it has been so far today.
Shifting gears somewhat, landslide warnings have been issued in many districts in the capital, including the Jungnang, Gangbuk, Nowon, Dobong, and Seongdong-gu districts.
For safety reasons, the government has urged residents to evacuate to a safe area in case of an emergency.
That's all I have for you now, and I'll have more for you in later newscasts.
Back to you, Mark.

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