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S. Korea urges N. Korea to share information on dam water
Updated: 2020-08-05 17:05:58 KST
South Korea has urged North Korea to give prior notice before it releases water from its dams as flood evacuation order is issued for Paju and Yeoncheon, the northernmost residential areas of South Korea.
Seoul's unification ministry said the water level on the Imjin River, which runs along the western part of the inter-Korean border, surged twice Tuesday night.
On Monday, the North opened a dam just across the border, releasing a massive amount of water.
Since July, Pyeongyang has released water from the same dam three times without notice.
The two Koreas had agreed back in 2009 to let each other know when they're opening their floodgates following an accident that killed six South Koreans.
In North Korea, meanwhile, the Taedong River, which flows through Pyeongyang, is reportedly at risk of flooding.
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