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N. Korea issues flood alerts along 3 western rivers amid heavy downpours
Updated: 2020-08-05 10:01:38 KST
It's not much different story up in the northern part of the peninsula,
North Korea has also issued flood alerts along three of its western rivers, as the regime is battered by heavy downpours.
The regime's state-run Korean Central News Agency reported this morning that the water levels near Taedong River is likely to exceed warning level this week, as more rainfall is expected in the region.
Taedong River that runs through capital Pyeongyang has seen devastating fatalities due to heavy rain back in 2007 even resulting a postponement of second inter-Korean summit by 2 months.
Earlier, the regime's news agency reported Tuesday that the flood alerts issued near Taedong River, Chongchon River and the Ryesong River will last through this Thursday and Friday.

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