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U.S., China will work together in bringing about N. Korea's denuclearization: Biegun
Updated: 2020-07-23 05:56:16 KST
There's one thing the U.S. and China seemingly have in common, diplomacy on North Korea.
Washington's point man on Pyeongyang says the world's two superpowers can continue to work together on North Korea, adding that the regime's "weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs undermine our shared strategic interest in peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula."
Deputy Secretary of State, Stephen Biegun, in a written testimony to a Senate committee added that China also agrees that "diplomacy is the preferred approach in resolving the denuclearization issue."
In regards to the possibility of a drawdown in American troop numbers in South Korea, Biegun said the stationing of U.S. forces in the region greatly promotes security in East Asia.
His comments counter earlier reports that suggested the Pentagon is mulling over whether to 'adjust' U.S. troop levels in South Korea.
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