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President Moon to share S. Korea's quarantine experience at G20 virtual summit
Updated: 2020-03-26 17:15:28 KST
Leaders of the Group of 20 nations have called for an emergency meeting over the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the coming hours, they will be holding an emergency G20 Summit to draw up an international response and coordination for the global battle against the coronavirus.
And following the new normal, they'll gather "virtually" that is, by videoconference to advance a global response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its human and economic impact.
President Moon Jae-in will introduce South Korea's swift testing and transparent quarantine system.
Arirang News' senior presidential correspondent Kim Min-ji at South Korea's top office.
Min-ji, I understand the G20 leaders will be sharing their ideas and experiences on COVID-19 tonight. Not only the contents, but it'll be quite interesting to see how the summit is carried out as it'll be the first time the summit is done online?

That's right.
The G20 leaders are expected to discuss ways to step up international cooperation in welfare and quarantine and in minimizing the pandemic's negative impact on the global economy.
The session will start at 9 PM, South Korea time that's a little less than two hours from now.
It will bring together the leaders of the Group of 20, as well as international organizations, including the World Health Organization, while seven other nations outside of the G20 that have been hit hard by COVID-19 will participate as observers.
When it's President Moon Jae-in's turn to speak, he will be explaining the South Korean government's preemptive and active quarantine measures especially the country's swift and transparent provision of information and people's voluntary efforts to fight the outbreak.
He is also expected to raise the need to allow business people to travel overseas to kickstart the global economy so long as it doesn't negatively affect quarantine efforts.
After the session, the leaders will be adopting a joint declaration and it's expected that Moon's proposals will be included.

South Korea has received global recognition in recent weeks for its response to the coronavirus outbreak. President Moon has been engaged in a flurry of phone diplomacy running up to today's summit with foreign leaders seeking to follow the South Korean model?

This morning, he spoke on the phone with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about ways to step up bilateral cooperation and boost international coordination.
The Canadian leader said he plans to follow South Korea's model citing its extensive, speedy testing and tracing.
Moon said that he is willing to actively share South Korea's experience in treatment and quarantine as well as its data on clinical tests to which the Canadian prime minister said he hopes for dialogue between the health authorities of the two nations.
Trudeau added that Canada has already requested supplies of South Korean quarantine goods.
Earlier this week, President Moon also spoke with U.S. President Donald Trump, who also asked for South Korean medical equipment.
Moon has also spoken on the phone with the leaders of eight other countries, including Spain, France and China.
South Korea has been praised globally for its quarantine and treatment efforts, and has been exporting COVID-19 test kits.
According to Seoul's foreign ministry, 47 countries so far have asked about buying the kits,. while 39 nations have requested them as humanitarian aid.
I'll have the outcome of the meeting in our later newscast.

Our Kim Minji at the nation's top office. Great job Minji
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