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President Moon pledges to provide medical equipment support to U.S. in fight against COVID-19
Updated: 2020-03-25 10:01:50 KST
President Moon Jae-in says he will provide as much medical equipment support as he can to the U.S. to counter the COVID-19 outbreak there.
His remarks came in response to President Trump's request during a phone call late Tuesday with President Moon pledging he would send it as long as there are enough supplies domestically.
According to Seoul's top office, the two leaders discussed ways to step up bilateral cooperation to overcome the outbreak during their 23-minute conservation.
The phone call, made at the request of President Trump, was the first of its kind between the two leaders in 2020.
President Moon noted the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration may be required for such support to which President Trump said he would take immediate action to ensure there were no issues.
President Trump showed a keen interest in the trend of infections in South Korea saying the country was doing very well in its fight against the virus.
South Korea has been praised globally for its quarantine and treatment efforts, and has been exporting COVID-19 test kits.
The two leaders also agreed the recent 60 billion U.S. dollar currency swap deal between Seoul and Washington was a timely decision which contributed to the stabilization of the international financial market.

In regards to the G20 virtual summit scheduled for Thursday, President Moon stressed it will be important for world leaders to send out a united message regarding COVID-19.
The South Korean leader said he hopes for in-depth discussions on revitalizing international trade and allowing overseas travel for business people to minimize the negative impact on the global economy so long as it doesn't affect the quarantine efforts of each country.
President Trump agreed to bring up the matter during the session.

On the same day, President Moon held phone talks with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia.
He stressed the need for greater international cooperation than ever due to the COVID-19 outbreak not just in welfare, but in areas of the economy, finance and society.
He added South Korea was willing to share its experience in quarantine and treatment, as well as data on clinical tests.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.
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