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N. Korea tells Seoul to remove facilities at Mt. Geumgang resort by February: Source
Updated: 2020-01-17 16:33:34 KST
Another ultimatum from North Korea.
According to government sources, the North sent a notice to Seoul in late December, saying that South Korea should tear down its facilities at the North's Mount Geumgang tourist resort by February.
The North had sent a similar notice back in November as well, saying it will unilaterally demolish South Korean facilities at the Mount Geumgang resort if Seoul doesn't do it.
A government source familiar with the matter told Arirang News that such messages have continued from Pyeongyang, and the regime has extended the deadline constantly.
Pyeongyang first notified Seoul in late October to come and tear down its facilities at the Mount Geumgang tourist resort and the details of that could be made through written exchanges.
Seoul was firm that the two sides should meet and talk face-to-face as the facilities were for a major inter-Korean cooperation project South Korean tours to North Korea's Mount Geumgang and South Korean firms' property rights will have to be protected.
Seoul suggested working-level talks and sending a team north of the border to check the facilities there, but both proposals were rejected.
The government says South and North Korea still have wide gaps in their views and Seoul still says that a decision on this should be made through talks.
Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.
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