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Fire and fury at Hong Kong Polytechnic University as riot police and protesters clash
Updated: 2019-11-18 09:32:25 KST
Hong Kong is looking more and more like a battlefield day by day,and that was especially the case over the weekend at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
The school is the last of five universities to be occupied by protesters, and riot police eventually stormed the campus overnight and dragged away some of the protesters.
However, some still remain inside.

"Although I needed to prepare for the exams, when I saw the unfairness of society, I felt I needed to stand up. Because I'm not just a Hong Kong student, I'm more of a Hong Kong citizen."

In a bid to get them out, Hong Kong police also pulled out a controversial anti-riot sound device known as Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD).
A low-frequency, noisy "woo-woo" sound was aimed at the protesters, but riot police rejected protesters' claims that it's a weapon that can cause harm.
While police fired tear gas and water cannons, protesters set a police vehicle on fire and shot arrows from the barricaded university.
One arrow became lodged in one officer's leg.
Meanwhile, Chinese soldiers stationed in Hong Kong have been spotted cleaning up Hong Kong's streets.
The presence of the mainland's People's Liberation Army has prompted concerns that Beijing may exert its force on Hong Kong sooner rather than later.
In fact, according to China's Ming Pao Newspaper, senior Chinese officials including Vice Premier Han Zheng took a visit to Guangdong Province an area close to Hong Kong and discussed the current crisis.
As tensions are high in the city, all schools in Hong Kong will be closed on Monday.
KIM Da-mi, Arirang News.
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