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GSOMIA 'difficult' to keep amid Japan's distrust: Moon
Updated: 2019-11-15 16:28:55 KST
President Moon has reiterated to Washington why his government cannot keep its military intel-sharing agreement with Japan, especially with Japan expressing distrust toward Korea over security flaws.
This was when he met this afternoon with the U.S. military chiefs to whom he emphasized the importance of trilateral security cooperation between South Korea, the U.S, and Japan.
According to Blue House Spokesperson Ko Min-jung, he told Defense Secretary Mark Esper that he will continue working to maintain this cooperation.
Understanding Seoul's stance, Esper said he will ask Tokyo for its efforts to resolve the issue.
The two sides also agreed to maintain their close cooperation on efforts to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula.
As part of such efforts, they are also considering reducing the scale of their upcoming joint military drills.
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