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Some 550,000 CSAT test-takers in S. Korea hold orientation day ahead of Thursday's big day
Updated: 2019-11-13 13:34:11 KST
There's some major-league cramming taking place as we speak at millions of homes, cafes and libraries around South Korea.
That's because the nation's standardized college entrance exam takes place on Thursday -- tomorrow.
A day ahead of the exam, test-takers are attending an orientation at their designated test sites.
The Ministry of Education says on test day they'll be banned from bringing electronic devices, including smartphones, cameras, MP3 players, calculators and smartwatches.
South Korea's stock markets will open an hour later at 10 AM.
On top of that, all flights will be banned from taking off or landing during the English listening test from 1:05 PM to 1:40 PM.
This year, the College Scholastic Ability Test will be taken by some 550-thousand people.
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