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Typhoon Danas dissipates after making landfall in Korea's southern regions
Updated: 2019-07-20 12:39:56 KST
We begin our newscast with an update on Typhoon Danas, which struck Korea's southern regions this morning, causing torrential rain and strong winds.
The Korea Meteorological Agency says the typhoon dissipated after making landfall in Jeollanam-do province at around noon.
The typhoon battered the southern regions with heavy downpours and strong winds since late Friday night, also disrupting flight and ferry operations in Busan and Jeju Island.
The Korea Airports Corporation said at least 52 flights have been canceled nationwide, and the Coast Guard also announced that some 100 ferries halted services.
Though the typhoon has now turned into a tropical storm, the weather agency says rainy conditions are expected to continue nationwide, especially in the southern regions, so precautions are still advised until Sunday.
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