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DRAM prices rise up to 25% following outbreak of Korea-Japan trade spat
Updated: 2019-07-20 12:38:55 KST
In the aftermath of Japan's export restrictions to South Korea, global memory chip prices have soared by up to 25 percent in the past two weeks.
According to data released by price-tracker DRAM Exchange on Saturday, the average price of the benchmark 8-gigabit DDR4, stood at 3.74 U.S. dollars on Friday.
This is up nearly 15 percent from a week before, and more than 23 percent higher than the week when Japan announced the export curbs.
The average price of the lower-end 4-gigabit DDR3, which is also widely used in PCs, also rose 25 percent to 1.78 dollars.
Industry experts attributed the rise to Japan's export restrictions, saying there were no other distinctive changes to supply and demand in the market.
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