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Typhoon Danas to give an impact on Korea's southeastern regions
Updated: 2019-07-19 17:59:03 KST
We begin with Typhoon Danas making its way upward and inching closer to the Korean peninsula as we speak.
Danas is expected to reach Korea's southernmost island of Jeju early tomorrow morning and make landfall in the coastal areas of Jeolla-do province.
Heavy rain and strong winds are already battering the southern regions, triggering flight cancellations and damaging structures and buildings. For more details, let's turn to our Michelle Park at the weather center, Michelle?

Typhoon Danas is expected to remain a tropical storm making its way into the coast of Jeolla-do Province by early tomorrow morning and cross right through the southern provinces before exiting out and dissipating in the East Sea on Sunday morning.
Jeju Island and the southern coastal areas are already receiving a substantial amount of monsoon rain, but Typhoon Danas is expected to make a direct influence, dumping even more precipitation starting this night, with some areas expected to receive as much as 700 millimeters of rain.
Heavy rain alerts are issued across in these regions so please stay extra careful on the roads for possible floods and landslides.
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