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Local reseachers develop technology that shows what people could look like in 20 years
Updated: 2019-07-14 09:06:43 KST
Local researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology have recently developed a program that can show what people will look like in twenty years.
The technology was specifically developed for forensic purposes to try and help track down victims involved in unsolved missing persons or kidnap cases.
And it couldn't be simpler to use just upload a picture of the person and what their present age would be and the program will give its best estimate.

"Changes in skin and wrinkles are the most evident changes that show on the face when people age, so analyzing how those transitions come about was our main focus."

According to the team, the program was built around an algorithm, which can analyze how people's faces change over time. The developers say they are searching for ways to incorporate facial attributes of the missing people's parents into the technology.
Once they succeed, the program could depict faces of young men and women in the stages of puberty more accurately, thus, making it easier to find missing children or teenagers.

"This could help the investigators a lot, since until now, old photos were used in search operations even though young people's looks change drastically."

In search of ways to make finding missing children faster and easier, the team says it aims to develop new CCTV technologies, which could simultaneously spot a moving target in multiple surveillance cameras.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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