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South Korean President Moon Jae-in kicks off four-day state visit to China
Updated: 2017-12-13 16:50:27 KST
President Moon has kicked off his four-day state visit to China. The South Korean leader's visit comes at a critical time for the two countries' future relations
Our chief Blue House correspondent Moon Connyoung is traveling with the president. She joins us from Beijing. Connyoung, fill us in on th latest.

Devin, you said it. This is a critical visit by the South Korean president which will have huge implications not only for Seoul, Beijing bilateral relations but the geopolitics of the entire Northeast Asian region.

Upon landing in Beijing for his very first state visit as president the South Korean leader has been doing exactly what he said he would prior to setting out for his China tour - mending bilateral relations between his country and China that soured in the last year over Beijing's opposition against Seoul's deployment of U.S. missile defense system and "unofficial" economic retaliation that had a major blow on South Korean businesses operating in Asia's largest economy.

First on the agenda was a meeting with South Korean residents in China where he struck a note drawing shared history and values between the two countries and reassured the nearly 400 Korean nationals there that their bilateral relations will be restored.

President Moon vowed to work towards normalizing relations in all areas including economic, political and security and that his government has been taking enormous efforts to repair the bilateral relations.

Business, obviously, is one area the South Korean president would like to see flourish once again between the two countries. Making headlines is also the size of his business delegation.

Absolutely, Devin. The South Korean president is traveling with the biggest business entourage ever -- top executives from roughly 220 South Korean businesses - now, that includes Samsung,
Hyundai Motor, LG, SK and Hanwha groups - came together with just about that many Chinese firms for a South Korea, China Business Roundtable followed by a business forum.
Here, South Korea's top CEO unveiled the blueprint for South Korea, China cooperation in a range of areas including business, economic, climate change and innovative growth one that will shape the next 25 years of Seoul, Beijing bilateral ties.
This as the two nations mark 25 years of diplomatic relations this year.
The details are quite interesting and we'll have a breakdown of that outline in our later newscast, Devin.
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