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Gov't raises price ceiling for agricultural, fishery gifts
Updated: 2017-12-11 20:05:45 KST
A relatively new law in Korea meant to prevent graft has been under scrutiny over. HOW it limits the value of gifts that people in certain sectors can accept.
The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission voted on Monday to make revisions on price ceilings of select types of gifts.
The biggest price jump was made in agricultural and fishery goods.
The ceiling was doubled from the previous limit.
Public servants will be allowed to accept gifts of fruit, meat and fish worth up to 100-thousand won, or around 92 US dollars.
Limits for other products, through, were lowered.
Cash given as Condolence or congratulatory money will be limited to 50-thousand won -- or around 45 dollars -- down from 100-thousand.
The changes were deemed necessary as the initial ceiling hurt farmers and fishermen by discouraging people from buying their products.
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