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Blue House hosts unprecedented Q&A event, inviting about 280 citizens
Updated: 2017-08-21 14:29:00 KST
President Moon Jae-in wrapped up the weekend by addressing the nation on the accomplishments of the "People's Transition Committee," which served as a source of policy advice as the new administration took shape.
The President reaffirmed his efforts to create quality jobs for young people, calling that a critical step in reversing the country's chronically low birthrate.
Our Blue House correspondent Hwang Hojun reports.
ust three days after President Moon's 100th day in office, an unprecedented and unconventional Q&A event was hosted by the Presidential Office of Cheong Wa Dae.
The hour-long event, that was broadcast live on national TV, took place at the reception hall of the Blue House in the format of a talk show, and began with a musical performance.
Around 280 citizens from various backgrounds, who all voluntarily took part in the so-called "People's Transition Committee," and had made policy proposals on-and-offline, were invited to ask questions about the government's new policies and reforms.
The President's top aides and cabinet members, including the foreign affairs minister, interior minister, health minister, and culture minister participated to provide the answers.
But the highlight of the night was when President Moon once again pledged to create more jobs and to tackle the nation's declining birth rate.
He addressed his critics who oppose the idea of using taxpayer money to create jobs.

"Creating good jobs is not just a way to give hope to young people, it also increases the number of taxpayers and consumers. That's how the economy grows. It's also a way to tackle the critically low birthrate. It's the most worthwhile way to spend taxpayers' money."
(좋은 일자리 만들기는 청년들에게 희망을 줄 뿐 아니라 세금 더 많이 내고 소비하는 사람을 늘리는 길입니다. 그것을 통해 경제가 성장하는 거죠. 심각한 저출산 고령화 문제의 해법이기도 합니다. 국민 세금을 일자리 만드는 데 쓰는 것은 세금을 가장 보람있게 사용하는 것이다.)
President Moon also reaffirmed his determination to allow enough time for both mothers and fathers to be involved in child rearing, by limiting working hours to 52 hours a week from the current 68, while expanding parental leave and allowing workers to use all their annual paid holidays.
Before the night ended, President Moon vowed to continue listening to the voice of the people.

"I believe working with the collective minds of the people is the best way to guarantee a successful management of state affairs. I will constantly communicate with the Korean people both on and offline."
("문재인 정부는 국민의 집단지성과 함께하는 게 국정을 성공시킬 수 있는 일이라고 생각합니다. 온라인 오프라인을 가리지 않고 국민과 끊임없이 소통해 나가려는 노력을 계속하겠다.
More than 180-thousand policy recommendations were made by the People's Transition Commission.
According to the Blue House, 99 of them have been reflected in the Moon administration's new policy initiatives and tasks.
17-hundred others are also currently being reviewed to be implemented.
President Moon will have to now display his ability to cooperate with the National Assembly to make these policies a reality.
Hwang Hojun, Arirang News.
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