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CCTV Management Policy

1. Purpose

The CCTV System will be operated in accordance with PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT Article 25 (Limitation to Installation and Operation of Visual Data Processing Devices). CCTV will be used:

  • to protect the safety of facilities
  • to deter crime and maintain public safety
  • to prevent car robbery (For parking lot)

2. Cameras, Camera Placement and Area Coverage

No. Placement and Area Coverage
36 The lobby, elevator, every aisle on each floor and Parking lot

3. System Manager(Authorized staff)

Any complaints about the Foundation’s CCTV system should be addressed to the following officers:

Division Name Position Department Contact information
Adminstration Division Chun Ki-sam Office Manager Management Support Center 02-3475-5417
Adminstration Division Park Jin-woo Department Head Management Support Center 02-3475-5047

4. Image Retention Guidelines

Recorded video images will be retained for thirty days from the date of recording.

5. CCTV system Implementation and Outsourcing

The Foundation sets regulations so that personal information of data subjects may not be lost, stolen, leaked, forged, altered, or damaged owing to the outsourcing of work, and supervise how the outsourcee processes such personal information safely.

Outsoucee Work Allotment PIC Contact Information
(c)ArirangTVMedia General Executive Director Song Chang-un 02-3475-5307
Administration Manager Kim Eok-man 02-3475-5307
Administration Manager Park Young-don 02-3475-5307

The Foundation has following security company(the system owner) place and operate cameras on behalf of the foundation, and has appropriate security measures(rules) in place to prevent unauthorised access to, or unauthorised alteration, disclosure or destruction of, the data and against all unlawful forms of processing.

6. The Way to View Data

  • A person whose image has been recorded and retained and who wishes access to the data must reach out to the Data Protection Officer in advance. These visits will take place by prior appointment.
  • A Person can view the data in the Security Office on the first floor.

7. Privacy and Data Protection - Subject access requests

Anyone who believes that they have been filmed by the system can request a disclosure and a removal of the recording. It will only be made to third parties in accordance with the purpose of the system and is limited to the following authorities:
- Where it deems necessary explicitly for the protection, from impending danger, of life, body or economic profits of a data subject. The Foundation will not hesitate to delete the data or invite the data subject to a viewing if they consent to this.

8. Privacy and Data Protection - Data Protection Legislation

All the information is secure and where necessary, encrypted. The storage medium should be stored in a secure environment with a log of access kept. The Foundation determines who has responsibility for the access to this information. Current and archived recordings under review by authorized officials shall be subject to a process where the specifically requested recording dates and times are logged in a record maintained by the Foundation to include

  • - Date and time of recording
  • - Name of person requesting the data
  • - Reason for requesting the data
  • - The date/time and purpose at which the recordings were reviewed.
  • - Recorded video Images will be retained in a locked area.

9. Modification of Policy

This Policy has been set December 1, 2021. Establishing or modifying the Privacy Policy, this Foundation will disclose the content on our website it is in effect.

The previous Privacy Policy will be found below