arirang event


  Theme   - My K-Pop 2!! (Imitating My awesome K-Pop stars)

Procedure - Please select No. 1 or No 2 before the main contests
  (*If you select the slogan(No. 1), you can get additional scores)
  1. Must start by saying the slogan made by yourself before the main content(s)
  * Must insert its slogan on the registration page
   ex. (1) “Korea for the World, the World for Korea” / (2) “Korea’s Global TV Arirang” / (3) “I love Korea, I love Arirang”
  2. Must start by saying “I Love Arirang!” before the main content(s)

Entry Qualification - Anyone, Anywhere in the world! (No limit on nationality nor age)
- Can be done individually or as a team (Multiple-entry accepted)

Schedule - Registration period
 : August. 1, 2011 (Mon.) ~ Sep. 19, 2011 (Mon.) for 50days
- Announcement for the winners
 : Oct. 4, 2011 (Tues.)

Process and Format - Registration Process: Upload a video clip on YouTube and register its URL in
  UCC homepage. (Introduction of the video clip and required personal information needed)
- Language : Dubbed or subtitled in English
- Length : Within 5minutes
- File format : No restrictions as long as it is able to be uploaded on YouTube

Awards - Arirang President Award: 2,000USD (1 team)
- Gold Prize: 1,000USD (1 team)
- Silver Prize: 500USD (1 team)
- Bronze Prize: Crystal USB (10 teams)
- Best Click (on YouTube) Prize: Tablet PC(1 team)

Evaluations * Excellent and exciting artwork that satisfies the theme and the mission.
- The quality of the video (Online)
- The topic of the video and the expression of the contents
- Completeness and the effect of visual message.
- Overall evaluation of planning, creativity, composition, and utilization.
- If you select the slogan, you can get additional scores
* Best Click Prize: It is awarded to the most viewed video on YouTube.

Important Notes and Registration Rules - Prize can be canceled and/or taken back if the registered video is proved to be
  prize-winning work from other contest(s) or work done by someone else.
- Upon registration, copyright of all work becomes vested in Arirang TV
- Applicant holds responsibility for any civil and criminal charges on the work they will
- Prize winning works may be utilized as broadcasting contents and/or material
  by Arirang Global TV.
- All registered works may be shown in brand channel of Arirang Global TV.

Contact - Arirang Global TV, Public Relations & Customer Satisfaction Strategy Team
- TEL: 82-(0)2-3475-5252/ E-Mail: