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Business Daily

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World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 16:00 KST

Business Daily Ep.575
Economy report
Market revitalization
Traditional flea markets in Korea have fallen behind the curve in recent years due to rapid growth in online shopping and an increasing number of single households. But that's starting to turn around, thanks to young vendors emerging onto the scene. More and more young startup entrepreneurs are opening their businesses in traditional market capitalizing on cheaper rent and government support measures.
End of stimulus?
The European Central Bank looks like it's going tighten the purse strings following the footsteps of the U.S. Federal Reserve. The bond markets of major countries, including the U.S. have seen long term interest rates skyrocket, with Korea being no different. Have we reached the end of global quantitative easing?
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Oe-sik
- Park Se-kyung
- Sohn Ye-hyoung
- Cho Myoung-soo
Assistant Director
- Ko Ji-hoon
- Yoon Yeun-jung
- Sim Min-ju
- Song Da-Eun
English Writer
- Lee Ju-young
- Eunice Kim
- Lee Ji-yeon