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Bon Voyage #24







130 years have passed since Korea opened its ports to the world.
Join Arirang TV’s “Bon Voyage” on a 24-hour trip to the port city of Incheon.

- Begin the day at Incheon Station, the birthplace of Korea’s railroad network, and stop by the Sorae Fish Market.

- Stop by Changyeong Elementary School, Incheon’s first elementary school and the starting point of the March 1 Movement in Incheon. From there, visit Chinatown, Sinpo Market and the Street of Modern History and Culture, where one can see 130 years of history in one glance.

- Catch the sight of Wolmi Island, which used to be connected to the mainland until 1906 and was a place for those who were quick to adopt Western aspects. Learn about the first emigrants who left in 1902 by visiting the Museum of Korean Emigration History.

- See the future of Incheon through the Incheon Free Economic Zone.

- Conclude the day with a stop by the Vessel Traffic Services Center, which ensures safety of all incoming and outgoing ships.

Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kwon Tae-chol
- Choi Han-young
- Chung Ji-an
- Jung Tae-kyung
- Won Ho-youn
- Kim Ki-sung
- Jhy Won-jun
- Nam So-youn
- Woo Ah-young
- Ham Hae-won
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