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figure skating, Park Yeon-jun, Cho Kyung-ah

Kim Yuna's popularity, fame and talent stand unparalleled in the world.
Thanks to her, figure skating has taken root in Korea as one of the most popular sports of all time.
And currently, two figure skaters are dreaming of becoming the next Kim Yuna.

They are Park Yeon-jun, who was chosen to represent Korea last year, and Cho Kyung-ah, whose career as a national figure skater began this February. Born in 1997, the two skaters are close friends as well as good rivals.

Fragile on the surface but tough as nails inside, the two skaters do not give up - even when faced with injuries and consequences that are overwhelming to handle at their age. Armed with budding passion and vigor, they are preparing for their own 7-minute glory on ice.
After all, being chosen as Korea's figure skaters is not an end in itself, but just another beginning.

As Park and Cho get ready for the ISU Junior Grand Prix in August, Arirang TV's "Life between Games" brings you a glimpse of their fiery passion that outburns even the hottest summer sun.

Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Hyung-gon
- Lee eun-seo

- Jeong yeon-tae
- Park Jun-ha

- Jeong Wha-young
- Moon Gun-hye
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