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What's on This Week

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Endearing Korean TV miniseries and classic Korean literature have become immensely popular among foreigners, even contributing to a boost in the number of tourists visiting Korea.

As a fan of Korean dramas, Casey takes off on a trip to special places that were the outdoor locations for Full House, Cinderella's Sister and other television shows.

In the case of Nguyen, who is a college student from Vietnam, she sets off to tour beautiful temples and villages that were written about in Korean poems and novels. She makes her way to Naesosa Temple, which was beautifully described in a novel written by Shin Kyung Sook, and then stops by Dodeumbyeot Village where poet Seo Jung Ju lived and wrote many of his works during his lifetime.


Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast

Executive Producer
- Park Junhong
Chief Producer 
- Park Hee-sung
- Han WonHo
- Sim Hyungjun
- Kim Hyunwoo
- Kim jiwon
- Cho jungyoon
- Kim minhee
- Choi Sungyeon
English Writer 
- Daniel Choy
Assistant Directors 
- Lee joseph
- Min Sunki
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