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Program : What's on This Week

What's on This Week

Past Program

Fried sea bass with radish puree, Korean doenjang (soybean paste) broth and edamame
  An ensemble of sea bass boiled in butter water and piquant radish puree...
The light taste of doenjang soup and the enchanting flavor of chewy edamame beans maximize the harmony of flavors.
Slowly cooked radish with apple and doenjang (soybean paste) puree, doenjang and blue cheese puree, roasted sesame seeds, walnut candy and sherry-glazed kumquats
  Apples and blue cheese with doenjang...
Apple doenjang puree and doenjang blue cheese puree meet with savory walnuts and refreshing kumquats!
Staff And Cast
Staff and Cast

Executive Producer
- Kim Hyung-gon
- Han Yong-kee
- Kim Jee-hye
- Chu Gyo-jin
- Oh Seung-chan
- Ham Min-hee
- Kwon Dong-been
- Kim Ji-hyeon
- Kim Yoo-jin
- Edward Kwon
Directed by
- Monster Republic
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