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Intelligence-High School Debate
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Intelligence-High School Debate

Intelligence-High School Debate EP.05

World Ch. Schedule : MON 08:05 KST

Date : 2017-07-03

Intelligence-High School Debate EP.05

This House would ban the play of augmented reality games in public places.

The integration of digital information with a real-world environment – augmented reality! From science-fiction pipe dream to practical reality, AR games are changing the very nature of gaming these days. However, augmented reality games mean augmented security risks. Is it really safe to play these games in public places, or should they be banned?

On the fifth episode of "Intelligence – High School Debate," students from Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, Sangmoon High School, Dongducheon Foreign Language High School and Eunkwang Girls' High School debate over the motion "This House would ban the play of AR games in public places."

So, which two teams will make it into the semifinals this week?

[This week's contestants]
Professor Joshua Park
- Assistant Professor and Director of Debate and Negotiation Program at the SolBridge International School of Business
- Member of the Executive Committee, World Convener, Chief Adjudicator's Panel, Adjudicator and Coach of the World Schools Debating Championships
- Juris Doctor, Harvard Law School
- Author of "Global Leadership: Debating is the Answer" and "Debating Grand Final"
Professor Sandeep Kamal Chulani
- Deputy Chief Adjudicator of the 5th China BP in 2016
- Chief Adjudicator of the 2016 Hong Kong British Parliamentary Debating Championship
- Grand Finalist and Best Speaker of the 1st East Asian BP Invitational Tournament
- Grand Champion of the 37th HK Intervarsity Dabating Contest
- Grand Champion of the Hong Kong Joint University Debating Championship in 2007 and 2008
Professor Praewta Sorasuchart
- Champion of the 2nd Environmentals Debating Championships in Thaliand
- Champion and Best Speaker of the 2nd EU in Thailand
- Adjudication Core of the Assumption Thailand Debate Open 2016
- Adjudication Core of the Assumption University Debate Open 2015
- Chief Adjudicator of the 10th EU-Thailand Debating Championships
- Invited Judge for 3rd Shanghai International Debate Open 2017
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
- Lee Eun-seo
- Ko Gil-soo
- Park Jong-won
Assistant Director
- Park Sol-ji
- Cho So-hyun
- Ku Mee-ra
- Song Je-ik
English Writer
- Yoon He-ra
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