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World Ch. Schedule : MON 11:05 KST

Date : 2017-07-10

Tour Avatar Ep.14 - JENNAM SUNCHEON
Exciting JENNAM Trip

The eco-trip in the ecological city Suncheon!
Korea's greatest destination chosen by CNN! Suncheon's Naganeupseong!

The place with 600 years of history, Suncheon's Naganeupseong!
The millstone turning pretty boy Avatars have popped up there!
J.JUN and J.VIN's passionate traditional tofu making experience!

J.JUN's lucky day!
Lucky charms Wonil & J.VIN vs Unfortunate J.JUN
Their maze escape mission in the Suncheonman Bay National Garden! Which team will be the final winner?

One of the world's 5 main coastal wetlands! The land of life for migratory birds!
The scenery of the Suncheonman Bay's wetland where the ecosystem is perfectly preserved!
The eco-trip! Do you want to see the beautiful nature of Suncheon?

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Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
- Park Hee-ju
- Park Hee-ju
- Park Sun-jin
Assistant Director
- Kang Ye-rim
- Mun Su-jeong
- Kim Hyo-jin
- Kim So-jeong
English Writer
- Kim So-yeon
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