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I'm Live

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 11:05 KST

Date : 2017-06-30

I'm LIVE Ep.14 Yun Ddan Ddan

Musician Introduction & I'm LIVE Epsode

Joining us on this episode of 1'm Live is Yun Ddan Ddan! Yun Ddan Ddan is a rising star of the Korean indie scene, best known for his sweet, mellow voice and heartfelt depiction of love, separation, and life. On this episode, Yun Ddan Ddan displays the quintessence of his musicality with some of his greatest hits, including "Walking in the Winter," "Foolish Alcohol," and "The Night I Miss You," while showing off his flawless stage manners as if to prove how he has become a new king of live performances in Korean indie circles. Tune into 1'm Live and let Yun Ddan Ddan melt your heart!

I'm Live I'm Live I'm Live I'm Live
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
- Park Sang-hyun
- Kim Sang-mi
- Bang Hoon
- Kim Su-jin
Assistant Director
- Lee Yeon-ju
- Seo Hyun-ah
English Writer
- Yoon He-ra