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I'm Live

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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 11:05 KST

Date : 2018-06-22

I'm LIVE Ep.58 WeAreYoung

Musician Introduction & I'm LIVE Epsode

Joining us on this week's I'm LIVE is the sensual singer-songwriter duo WeAreYoung! Comprised of vocalist and keyboardist Kim Kyeong-min and guitarist and vocalist Ku Ki-hoon, this band burst onto the music scene in 2017 with the single, "Only I Love You," and has been nourishing listeners' hearts with their romantic and sensual sounds. The group's name speaks to the two's desire to always stay "young at heart," which has been well-recognized throughout their short yet remarkable career. The two mainly talk about love and separation in their music using acoustic sounds, which truly distinguish them in today's music world, heavily dominated by electronics.

On this episode, the duo performs "Twenty-One, Twenty-Two," "Let's Not Do That," "I Know," "Thanks," "Only I Love You," and a cover of Soran and Kwon Jeong-ryeol's collaborative song "Crazy." Tune in to I'm LIVE this week and let the two melt your heart with their silky, acoustic sounds, full of love!

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Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
- Lee Young-cheol
- Kim Ji-hyun
- Lee Jae-seon
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- Lee Yeon-ju
- Seo Hyun-ah
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- Yoon He-ra