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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : TUE 06:30 KST

Date : 2017-04-27

InsideBiz Episode 05
The World-Changing Ideas of Startups
The stature of Korean startups is rising in the global market. They are gathering attention with original ideas and innovative technology. Smart rehabilitation equipment which can be enjoyed like games, block toys combined with IT technology, and entrepreneurs-to-be who will lead the startups of tomorrow are explored in a look at the present and future of startups and their limitless potential.
InsideBiz InsideBiz
The Hygge Lifestyle Market in the $30,000 Era
With a growing number of people searching for comfort and coziness amid their busy day to day lives, attention is being focused on the Hygge lifestyle. Born in Denmark, this movement refers to a state of pursuing a sense of cozy comfort. The Hygge trend has expanded beyond the interior design market to other industries including painting rentals and subscription-based flower delivery services. We examine the lifestyle market created by the Hygge trend.
InsideBiz InsideBiz
Electric Bicycles: Design, Performance and Economy
With environmental pollution and traffic congestion growing worse by the day, attention is growing for eco-friendly electric bicycles. As the global electric bicycle market continues to expand, products armed with cutting edge technology and stylish designs are popping up in Korea, as well. We analyze the future of the electric bicycle industry, and the changes it will bring to the bicycle market as a whole.
InsideBiz InsideBiz
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Jung Summer
- Park Hyon-son
- Park Chang-hoon
- Hong Byung-mock
- Lee Jong-geun
- Woo Soo-jo
- Park Si-yoon
- Hong Ye-seul
- Lee Hyun-kyung
- Yang Ji-hyun
- Nam Ju-hee
- Lee Jong-eun
- Seo Hye-won
- Han Song-yi
- Hong Ye-eun
- Oh A-reum
English Writer
- Simon O
- Simon O