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Shaping the Economy
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Shaping the Economy

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : WED 06:30 KST

Date : 2017-04-26

Entrepreneurs, The Secret of Economic Powers
Episode 02.The Birth of a Wealthy Nation Part 1/Part 2

The Dutch East India Company, which was founded more than 400 years ago,
was the decisive factor that put the Netherlands at the forefront of world history.
Despite difficult circumstances, the Dutch people overcame their poor environment and reclaimed land from the sea.They willingly sailed off to pioneer the route that no one had gone before, and opened a new chapter in the history of economy by founding a limited-liability company, the Dutch East India Company. Each and every one of these people, who shaped the Netherlands into what it is today but were forgotten in history, should be entrepreneurs. Thanks to them, the Netherlands entered its golden age in the 17thcentury and became a strong economic power.

◇ Part 1 APRIL 26, 06:30 AM (KST)
◇ Part 2 MAY 03, 06:30 AM (KST)
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Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Jeon Haeng-Jin
- Lee Kyu-Yun
- Byon Young-Kyoon
- Lee Eun-Ji
English Writer
- Kim Ji-ah
- Gu In-hee