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The 3S

Ep.5 An Old Future

World Ch. Schedule : TUE 11:05 KST

Date : 2017-04-25

Ep.5 An Old Future
Walking in an Old Future Where Time Lies Forgotten

People come and go, but architecture transcends the boundaries of time. What old futures have you met? Though built in the past, these buildings remain in the present and will continue to exist in the future.

An architect is the defender of the past - German architect Daniel Tändler

Hanok is a traditional Korean house that resembles nature. Daniel Tändler is a German architect whose fascination with hanok has shaped his life. Having visited Korea with his Korean mother and played around in hanok as a child, he still remembers the warmth that he had felt from the old structures. What does architecture mean to him? In a time when people are busy tearing down anything that is old and worn, this young architect has dedicated himself to breathing life into the past. Meet his old future that lies in the charming hanok.

The city is an old gallery to an architect - Italian architect Simone Carena

In Seoul, a city filled with skyscrapers, you can still take a journey back in time and meet life, death, and god. Join Simone Carena, an Italian architect, on his motorcycle and meet the old futures that the city is home to. Awe-inspiring artwork can be found throughout the city, in places one least expects them. From Gwanghuimun Gate to Gyeongdong Church, meet the masterpieces that will be forever remembered in Korea's history of architecture.

The poet lives on through his poems - Yun Dong-ju Literature House

A space once occupied by a water tank, instead of being demolished, has been transformed into a structure that commemorates the life and work of a poet. Experience Yun Dong-ju's life and poems at Yun Dong-ju Literature House, a special building that tells the story of Korea’s beloved poet. In it lies an old future that the dead poet could never have imagined.

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Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Jeon Haeng-jin
- Choi Han-young
Assistant Director
- Choi Sun-young
English Director
- Gu In-hui
English Translator
- Ethen kim LIESER
Video editor
- Kim Zi-ah
Music & sound mixing
- Min Deok-hong
- Przemyslaw Kazimierz Gabriel Krompiec
- Christian Burgos
- Ariane Desgagnés-Leclerc
- Cho Jae-han
- Lee Tae-soo
- Przemyslaw Kazimierz Gabriel Krompiec
- Christian Burgos
- Ariane Desgagnés-Leclerc
Technical Director
- Son Taek-yeon
- Oh Da-kyung
Title Design
- VReeZe
Assistant Writer
- Park Gyu-ri
- Lee Jin-ah
- Moon Eun-hwa
- Seol Eun-jung
Assistant Director
- Yoon Min-ah
- Lee Yun-jung
- Kim Seon-suk
- Won Ho-yeon
- Goo Gyung-ran
Directed by
- Bigfish Media