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Hansik of the day

Ep.1 Housewarming galbi-jjim

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 08:30 KST

Date : 2017-01-20

Episode 1: Housewarming galbi-jjim
In the hills of Chupungryeong, a woman is busy preparing food for her housewarming party. For her special guests, she prepares galbi-jjim.
Why is galbi-jjim the food of choice for housewarming parties?

Galbi-jjim is a special dish that is served on special days. In the past, it was a fairly common dish — when and why did it become so precious?

For Koreans whose lives focused on agriculture in the past, cattle were precious assets. Butcher shops and food culture focused on beef sprang up around livestock markets. The various beef cuts can be cooked in 1,200 ways. In this episode, we discover the culture and history of beef dishes as they have evolved over the years.
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Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kwon Tae-Chul
- Jung Jae-shin
- Jeong Tae-gyeong
- Won Ho-yeon
- Kim Seon-suk
Assistant Director
- Shin Hyun-seung
- Jun Se-young
- Yoo Min-yeong
- So Hyun-jin
- Hwang Ji-hye
- Kim Min-hee
- Shin Yeong-hun
- Yun Min-ah
- Won Ho-jung
English Editor
- Gu In-hee
- Peter Bint
- Jeong Seong-cheol
- Park Geun-hak
- Kim Hyeon-woo
Technical Director
- Shin Dong-min
- Min Deok-hong
Screen Editor
- Kim Ji-ah
Directed by
- Bigfish Media