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Ep1 The Winds and Sounds of Jejudo Island - Euphonium Player Adam Frey

World Ch. Schedule : MON 07:00 KST

Date : 2017-01-16

Episode 1: The Winds and Sounds of Jejudo Island - Euphonium Player Adam Frey

Adam Frey is a euphonium soloist who travels across the globe as a musician and professor.

His relationship with Jeju first began with his participation in the 1st Jeju International Brass Competition, which gave his career as a musician great momentum. At present he stands unrivaled in the world of euphonium.Unable to forget Jeju, which to him was an island of challenges and opportunities, Adam has been visiting it for 16 years now, each visit making him more and more entranced by the island's charms. Which aspects of Jeju will he introduce to the viewers?

The Sounds of Jeju

The journey in Jeju takes Adam to the majestic waterfalls, the ocean, and the oreums, giving him a chance to fall in love with the stunning harmony created by nature and scenery. The sounds of winds, waves, and other elements of nature greet him as he walks along the Olle Trails that lie across mountains, fields, and beaches, serving as a source of new inspiration for the musician. The sounds of life on the island are like an orchestra, from the interesting stories told by his fellow travelers to the noisy yet vibrant sounds of the market

The Winds of Jeju

To a musician who plays a brass instrument, Jeju's winds are fascinating. The island's winds have had a major influence on its culture as well as the lives of its residents. For instance, they had to build houses with unique features in order to withstand the strong winds. Adam experiences teamwork and harmony as he makes jipjul, the ropes that tie down the straws on thatched roofs. Jeju also has an interesting culture of believing in the wind god. Adam follows the traces of the wind god and discovers an ancient story.

Adam's journey entails diverse encounters with Jeju's sounds and winds. The deep and low tone of his euphonium meets the island, creating a magical moment of special friendships and empathy.

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Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kwon Tae-Chul
- Choi Han-young
- Kim Ji-eun
- Yoo Jun-jae
Assistant Director
- Kim Hye-soo
- Lim Jin-hee
- Bae Soo-young
- Kim Seo-ran
English Editor
- Gu In-hee
- Kim Ji-ah
Directed by
- Media Will