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Touch Q

What's on This Episode

Past Program

Date : 2016-09-21

Smart Quiz Show TOUCH Q! Episode 4!

Touch Q, the Smart Quiz show that loves to communicate with its viewers!
In Episode 4, the guest who comes last....will be eliminated!
It's going to be a dynamic episode of Touch Q where one person will get to win a gold key, and another will have to go home.
Viewers also get ‘the chance to win a gold key'! Fun quizzes and the chance to win prizes! That's what Touch Q is all about! Let's go!

(※ If you've won a prize, please tell us your name, address and the type of prize via email to

Today's T Round topic is? 'Regrets! Regrets! Regrets! When do you want to turn back time?' Is it the day after you quit your job? The day after you ask someone out and get rejected? Watch to find out when the majority of viewers and the panel want to turn back time!

A 50/50 chance to get it right! Is it O? Or is it X?
The Korean Culture and Tourism Institute surveyed 600 foreigners on ‘Korean Food' and Bibimbap topped the BEST food list. Then what was no. 1 in the WORST food category?

Up & Down
Our star panel can bet points to turn things around during our Up and Down ‘U' Round! A Korean Marriage Agency asked non-married couples in Korea where they usually engage in PDA (public displays of affection). According to the survey, what was the most popular place to show some love?

This is the round where we get to see how witty our panelists are! The panel will be given a topic, and they'll have to come up with some good methods or ideas and act it out! Viewers will be voting for their favorite idea, so they'll have to be pretty convincing! Today's topic is “You catch a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend! How would you respond!?” How did our panelists respond and what was the crowd favorite?

Korea is known as the delivery nation! Does it really live up to its reputation? Find out just what and how far businesses in Korea deliver!

Smart Quiz Show TOUCH Q! Episode 4Smart Quiz Show TOUCH Q! Episode 4Smart Quiz Show TOUCH Q! Episode 4Smart Quiz Show TOUCH Q! Episode 4Smart Quiz Show TOUCH Q! Episode 4Smart Quiz Show TOUCH Q! Episode 4Smart Quiz Show TOUCH Q! Episode 4Smart Quiz Show TOUCH Q! Episode 4

Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kwon Tae-chul
- Choi Han-young
- Shin Dong-hee
- Lim kyoung-chan
- Jun Se-eun
- Song Hee-eun
- Han Su-bin
- Park Suk-young
- Jang Hee-eun
- Yu Ji-yeon
- Jung Ju-yun
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