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Glimpse of Korea

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Date : 2016-10-07

Glimpse of Korea Ep1

Daegu, the core cultural industry city in Korea, is the first tour city in Glimpse of Korea. Over a hundred years, Daegu treasures modern alley which has meaningful memories, and also, Daegu has very first transport mono-rail in Korea.
We can eat Daegu's Nap-jak dumpling, spicy dduk-pokki, and can meet celebrity stars from famous K-wave in Korea.
Are you guys ready to experience Daegu? Ready~~~ Let's Go!!

Glimpse of Korea Ep1Glimpse of Korea Ep1Glimpse of Korea Ep1>
Staff and Cast
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- Kim Young-jong
- Moon Jun-sang
- Jeong Hye-won
- Ma Jung-lim
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