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Korea on the Rise

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Date : 2016-05-13

Korea on the Rise Ep10 : The Train of Peace and Harmony, Traveling throughout the Continent

The Eurasian initiative is based on an idea that the unification of South and North Korea will bring economic benefits to the world, not to mention peace in the region. The idea is symbolized by an intercontinental railway system starting in Seoul and ending in Berlin at the heart of Europe. When brought to reality, such railway system is likely to revolutionize global trade. This episode looks at how the unification of two Koreas will bring positive changes to Asian and European economy. The episode also looks at the current trend of foreigners living in Korea increasingly becoming interested in the unification issue.

Korea on the Rise Ep10Korea on the Rise Ep10Korea on the Rise Ep10Korea on the Rise Ep10


Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Jean Hong-seok
- Moon Jun-sang
- Choi Bong-sun
- Kim Do-young
- Ji Min-wook
Assistant Director
- Jung Hee-chan
- Lee Jung-hee
- Kim Eun-jin
Assistant Writer
- Yoon Yoo-jin
- Choi Eun-ha
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